Deadline fast approaching to get your vote in!

Protected Action Ballots need to be in the post by the end of this week to ensure they arrive in time! Australia Post has a ten day delay, and on top of that, we’re well into the holiday season.

If you haven’t received your ballot or are worried you won’t get it back in time, let us know by replying to this email or phoning 1300 366 378. You can also message us on Facebook:

Vote YES to all items on the ballot! This will have a significant impact on negotiations and be a clear display of our unity and strength. We’ve done so well to move CBA as far as we have! A vote of confidence from as many members as possible will give us the final boost we need to achieve all our claims. At least half of all union members at CBA need to vote otherwise this ballot will not count. Don’t let your colleagues down after everything you have already achieved!

NOTE: This Protected Action Ballot should not be confused with Good Faith Bargaining, which CBA has recently agreed to. We still need all members to vote YES in this ballot.

If you need a new ballot or haven’t received yours yet, contact the AEC immediately. It’s okay if you receive two ballots, so long as you only return ONE. Remember that the ballot comes in an unmarked envelope like this one.

Contact the AEC
or call either: (02) 9375 6366 or (03) 9285 7111 and quote the ballot order number: B2020/700

You can watch this video explainer for more information on how and why it’s critical to vote YES to all 13 items:

If you’ve already posted your yes vote, let us know by emailing or through Facebook:


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary