CBA records $5.15B half year profit while your pay goes backwards

$5.15 Billion profit in 6 months!

That’s about $858M per month… $28.6M per day… $1.2M per hour… $19,868 per minute!

We know the reason CBA continue to make massive profits – it’s because of you, the hard-working CBA employees.

Super profits and inflation at 7.8% make the 4.25% below inflation wage increase offered last year even more shameful!

It’s time CBA started to truly value your contribution, and provide you all with a decent wage increase that means you can stay ahead of cost-of-living increases.

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Finally, in the 10 minutes it takes to do our Pay and Conditions Survey, the CBA will have made almost $200k profit. How much of that are you worth?

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary