Frequently Asked Questions

The vote will be managed by a reputable third party and your vote will be confidential. CBA won’t know how you vote. The bank will only email you your login details for that platform.
If you’re on any type of leave or a career break you will still be able to vote. Contact HR Direct now and confirm that you’ll be able to vote and where the details you’ll need to access the voting platform will be sent – especially if you don’t have access to your work emails etc. You can do this by calling HR Direct on 1800 989 696.
If a majority of people who vote vote yes, then CBA’s proposed agreement will become the Enterprise Agreement at the Commonwealth Bank. It will mean fewer protections around how contracts are made, the loss of RDOs and CBA’s unfair pay proposal will all go ahead.
If a NO vote were to be successful, both parties would go back into negotiations. It’s impossible to say what would happen in those negotiations, but we would go into them having sent a clear message to CBA that workers want the issues the union is raising dealt with and that they won’t support an agreement without those changes. Voting No is the only way to show CBA that you expect them to do a fair deal with the workers’ representatives.
CBA Employees have been waiting nearly a year to get the payrises negotiated in this Agreement. The Bank’s original offer was offensively low at 1.25% and through our collective action we were able to shift that to what the offer is today. That offer is still unfair. The union’s claim was for a payrise that would apply to everyone equally, and we still think that’s what’s fair. The pay increases in the agreement are backdated no matter what. So while a NO vote would mean we have to wait a little longer, it will be worth it if we can secure an agreement that doesn’t embed the conditions that led to massive wage theft at the Bank. Matt Comyn got his 15% pay increase without having to sign off on dodgy conditions. You shouldn’t have to sign off on a bad deal just to get a pay increase. It’s also worth noting that the Bank paid a partial pay increase during negotiations in December, and for many, that partial payment was more than the Bank were initially proud to offer in the whole agreement!
You can contact us on 1300 366 378, by emailing, or live chat and we’ll have someone get in touch to work through it with you.