How to vote NO

The vote will be conducted electronically by Elections Australia, an independent third-party provider, and your vote is anonymous.  

Voting closes 5pm AEDT Tuesday 30 March 2021.  

Casting your vote will take less than 30 seconds.  

You will receive an email from Commonwealth Bank of Australia with a link to the Elections Australia voting portal, along with your Unique Voter Code and Employee ID.  

You will need both of these to log into the portal.  

If you haven’t received the email from Commonwealth Bank of Australia yet, please contact or contact HR Direct on 1800 989 696 (select option 0, then option 2) or online HR Direct immediately for support.

Check your personal email accounts and spam folders for the unique voter code email if you’re having trouble.

If the majority of eligible employees who vote, vote no, this will send CBA back to the negotiating table and the union will continue to negotiate for better working conditions for you and your colleagues.