Backpay coming your way? You might have questions.

Since 2019 CBA has been engaged in what they call an “Employee Entitlement Review” in order to backpay the tens of millions of dollars in underpayments owed to employees.

Every time a small portion of the backpay is rolled out, members (rightly) contact the FSU to ask what the payment is for.

CBA’s documentation usually has an extremely general overview of what the mistake was, but the rest of it is usually pretty opaque.Reading the documents, it is hard to tell if this portion of backpay fully compensates you.

If you were underpaid by CBA you have a right to know if you’ve been properly compensated.

This right is protected under the Fair Work Act. The FSU has formed the view that CBA have not been meeting their legal obligations when communicating with you about backpay.

CBA have an obligations to provide you with proper and detailed payslips. We have written to the bank this week reminding them of this. CBA should prepare and distribute payslips and documents to employees that are clear. Any corresspondence on backpay from CBA should include specificity, the nature, timing, period and amount of the particular entitlements for which backpay is being paid.

We’ll keep members informed! In the meantime if you require advice or assistance about your individual situation contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or email here.

Your FSU Team

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary