CBA's delay excuse is unacceptable

After the previous Enterprise Agreement expired on the 31st of July, we wrote to CBA management indicating we were ready to negotiate a new agreement. The Bank has responded, claiming they are not ready to commence negotiations because that they are too busy with the contract simplification process they have had to initiate to reverse mistakes made by management.

It is outrageous for the Bank to use management’s errors to delay negotiations for a new agreement. This excuse should not be taken seriously. You deserve a say in your future and fair wage rises.

CBA CEO Matt Comyn said recently that he believes that wage rises that keep up with inflation would be bad for the economy.

“We have to make sure we are rewarding performance and paying people fairly and competitively. But at an aggregate level, it is probably unhelpful to be contemplating wage growth, officially or unofficially, indexed to an elevated level of inflation, which we certainly expect to moderate over the near to medium term”
Commbank CEO Matt Comyn

He said this after receiving a 35% pay increase. Do you think that’s fair?

We will be meeting with Tim Clift, the General Manager of Industrial Relations next week. What do you want us to tell Tim about the cost-of-living pressures you’ve been facing?

Send an email to and we will pass on your concerns to Tim next week.

Please let your colleagues know about this and if you’re not an FSU member join here today!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary