CBA’s IFAs Exposed & EBA Next Steps

There are two things we need to update you about in our campaign for a fair agreement today:

Send CBA An Email With Your Story:  

CBA executives have told the FSU that they don’t believe us when we say that staff hold strong views about the way negotiations have progressed with the FSU. They didn’t accept that you were angry, disappointed, hurt and frustrated by the pay offer in particular.

We know that’s not true. Now we want to show them.

It would be extraordinarily powerful if you all made clear to CBA that you know exactly what’s going on, you want your employer to do the right thing by you, and to do that in a way they can’t ignore – right in their inbox!

We’ve built a tool that would allow you to email Andrew Culleton and Sian Lewis – the people negotiating for CBA, and let them know that you do feel strongly about the positions CBA are putting forward.

If you’re not comfortable being identified, we’ve got you covered! Add your voice and let them know you want a fair agreement!

Imagine how powerful it would be if their inbox filled up with thousands personal stories about why they ought to “do what’s right!”

CBA Exposed On IAs

Yesterday morning CBA were in the news again. This time for their unlawful use of Individual Flexibility Arrangements (IAs) and the impact that had on the wages, conditions and workplace rights of their people. If you haven’t read it, you should!

One of the last few outstanding items for our negotiation of the new EA is CBA’s claim for a clause that, in our view, would perpetuate this practice of avoiding certain EA entitlements by clawing them back out of your market salary.

The Union is opposed to any clause that would enable CBA to continue to pay market salaries and use that to that buy you out of your lawful workplace entitlements.That is effectively what they did with IFAs, and given their track record, we have no faith that CBA staff wouldn’t face the same level of confusion and detriment under CBA’s proposal.

The FSU are prepared to give CBA the very limited capacity to offer annualised salaries. However, CBA would need to guarantee that people would be given a real choice, some protections from underpayment, and the ability to unpackage; and that they would only make these contracts available to those who are quite highly paid (unlikely to be underpaid as a result) to begin with.

We know that our position is more than fair, especially given what’s gone on for the last decade. It’s CBA’s move now.

Please feel free to distribute this PDF around the office – we know it’s a complex issue and we’re currently working on a video presentation that deals with it in more detail.

If you were one of the people underpaid as a result of being employed on an IA (if your remediation payment notice mentioned clause 10 or 12 then there’s a good chance) then you should sign up here to be kept informed.

Thank you all so much for your support so far, and for inviting your colleagues to take action. Your efforts are making change, we can’t stop now!

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary