The latest on your EBA negotiations at Cbus

We want to update you on the progress of the Cbus EBA and invite you to an upcoming member meeting if you wish to discuss in more detail.

Cbus has reissued the Notice of Representational Rights (NERR) to the Investments Division this week. We have been working with management to refine their proposal, including a threshold requirement that ensures Investments staff will retain the protections of the EBA.

This is significant progress and would not have been possible without the commitment of union members who know that a good and fair EBA does not exclude anyone.

We also have good news regarding our leave claims. We have reached agreement on some leave claims already. There are still some outstanding, but negotiations continue positively on this front.

We want to go through all this in more detail and answer any questions in a member meeting next Tuesday 7 December 12:30pm (AEDT). Register in advance for this meeting:


As your union reps, we will continue to work to represent your views and negotiate the fair pay and great conditions we deserve at Cbus. If you have any questions about how the EBA negotiations affect you or your team, contact us by emailing

Together, we are unbeatable.

Your FSU Reps
Bill Rue, Caroline Troup, Fiona Peck, Ian Wilson, Jennifer Glass

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary