Welcome to our February Cbus FSU member bulletin!

How our Cbus EA is influencing change across the industry

Last year we stood together to win industry-leading conditions at Cbus. Some leading entitlements we secured were 52 weeks unpaid Grandparents’ leave,12 days menstrual and menopause leave and gender affirmation leave.

These important entitlements are setting the standard across our sector.   These Cbus clauses are being cited as examples of best practice by our colleagues in Australian Retirement Trust who are currently negotiating a brand-new Enterprise Agreement as well as our colleagues at Hostplus who concluded bargaining at the end of last year.

We are proud that our conditions are creating new norms on real workplace diversity and inclusion across our industry.

Our New IR laws and what they mean

With the passage of the new IR laws through the parliament, workers across the finance sector will finally be on an equal playing field with our employers, and able to negotiate pay rises through a system that is fairer and more equitable.

The IR laws will also make taking action to close the gender pay gap easier. As a sector with one of the highest gender pay gaps across the economy, we welcome new transparency measures that will help tackle the gender pay gap.

For too long finance companies with significant gender pay gaps have been able to evade scrutiny and avoid having to address problems within their workplaces that have led to women workers being undervalued. The new laws also outlaw pay secrecy, making it easier for us to talk about how much we get paid.

Culture Survey 

It’s been a few years since we ran our last culture survey looking at culture across the finance sector, so to help us track what’s been happening across the sector in that time, we’re running the survey again – click here to add your voice.

Our Joint Consultative Group

One of the key new entitlements in our Enterprise Agreement is a joint consultative group between the FSU and Cbus management.

This group provides a forum to raise (and resolve) concerns, provide feedback and discuss the direction of the Fund.

We’ll have more to say soon about this group, but if there is anything you want to see raised, reply to this email!

What’s coming up?

Over the next month, keep an eye out for invitations to masterclass sessions on your new EA.  Learn about your entitlements and discover what’s new!

We love to hear from you!

Our organiser Laf Zuccarello is always happy to hear from you!  If you’ve got thoughts or feedback about anything at work, get in touch – 0434 160 523 or lafcadio.zuccarello@fsunion.org.au

In unity
Your FSU Reps @ Cbus

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary