Cbus: Hands off our RDOs!

One of Cbus’ claims in Enterprise Bargaining is to remove RDOs for new employees.

Management have told us that new starters aren’t “attracted” to RDOs, and that Cbus offers plenty of flexibility on an individual basis that renders RDOs obsolete.

But if that’s the case, we asked, then why isn’t Cbus seeking to take RDOs from all employees, not just new starters?

Their response was essentially that they had wanted to, but decided against that proposal.

The approach they have chosen instead is an attempt to remove RDOs by stealth. This will create two classes of employees and slowly let the right to an RDO die out.

Their proposal asks members to take conditions away from our future Cbus colleagues without those staff having a say.

It’s unfair – and completely undemocratic.

We’ve started a petition for Cbus employees to sign (your names won’t go to management) to show that we are against this proposal.




Please sign now and ask your team to do the same.

The only way we can reject a divisive proposal like this is to keep together and stay united.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary