Cbus: Individual Contract Proposal

Cbus have changed tack and are now returning to EBA discussions about the scope of the agreement with a view to keeping the Investments team in.

It’s good that Cbus acknowledges their proposal to remove most of the Investments team from the EBA and put them onto individual contracts was not the right one.

This shows that when we stand together, and work through our union, we are powerful and can win fairer outcomes for everyone.

To those of you who raised your voices together, thank you and congratulations.

As the CEO’s email said – there will be an EBA meeting on Monday. We’ll update you afterwards.

Our union membership at Cbus is growing lately, and with each new member we improve our ability to maintain our conditions and workplace culture.

The most common reason someone is not yet in the union is because they’ve never been asked directly by someone they know and trust.

Help us keep up the momentum. 

Invite a colleague to join today

Together, we are unbeatable.

Your FSU Reps
Bill Rue, Caroline Troup, Fiona Peck, Ian Wilson, Jennifer Glass

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary