Change to hours of operations within Motor Claims - FSU Meetings TOMORROW!

Urgent FSU Meetings Tomorrow 5 May!

Suncorp has proposed to change its hours of operations within Motor Claims – Customer Engagement.

This proposal will involve Suncorp outsourcing weekend lodgment to a company called WNS from 24 June.

Most specialists who currently work on the weekend will move to a Monday – Friday roster, though some Shannons and Niche products will still be serviced on Saturdays with reduced hours.

What does this mean for us?

We have heard from FSU members that this proposal will have disastrous impacts on their finances and lifestyle.

Many members are facing a reduction in their pay, with some looking at an annual reduction of over $15,000.  Members are telling us that these changes will mean they cannot afford their rent or mortgage, and will not have enough money to put food on the table.

We are hearing from members who will be unable to secure childcare with these new rosters, as well as people who will need to give up study.

These changes will mean that FSU members are seriously considering their future with Suncorp.

How are we responding?

The FSU has submitted extensive feedback and questions to Suncorp, which you can review here.

We are expecting to hear back from Suncorp on 4 May 2023 about whether these changes will go ahead, and in what form.

Come to our meetings

On Friday we will be holding two meetings TOMORROW 5 MAY for everyone to come and discuss these changes. Come along to have your say and decide our next steps.

Click on the meeting of your choice below to register.

Register here: Friday 5 May 10am (AEST)

Register here: Friday 5 May 2pm (AEST)

If you would like to discuss these changes in the meantime, contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or email

Our Union Community is supporting all FSU members through these changes.

If you haven’t yet joined, click here to access advice, support and representation.

In unity

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary