Changes to Bupa paydays – your Union is here for support

Bupa has advised they intend to change the way we’re paid and shift the pay days. Starting in March, we will be paid in arrears for the work we do.

This means there will be a gap of three weeks and one day between the pay days scheduled in March: the gap falls between Wednesday 2 March and Thursday 24 March.

This is a significant workplace change affecting our pay and one that we should have been consulted over. More notice should have been given so that we can prepare for the change without having to use our own entitlements (such as annual leave) to cover the 3 week and one day period.

Our Union has given Bupa this feedback and stressed that no worker should be worse off because of this change.  

If you need support with this situation, email FSU here today and please share this update with your colleagues.

Our Union is here for you.

Your FSU Team

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary