Coronavirus Isolation

Unintended consequences include staffing and workload issues, let us know if you’re having any trouble…

In line with recommendations from Australian Health Authorities, employers in the finance industry have implemented isolation policies to help limit the spread of coronavirus. This includes a 14 day exclusion period for those who have travelled in China upon their return to Australia.

While we support these precautions, we are also aware of the impact that this might have on staffing levels, particularly in small workplaces where the unintended consequence might be inadequate staffing or increased workloads. There may also be issues where isolation periods coincide with periods of planned annual leave or unplanned sick leave of other staff members.

If you are experiencing any issues with staffing levels, increased workloads, pressure to come to work when you should be absent from the workplace or have questions about the type of leave that you should access, please contact the MRC for advice specific to your circumstances.

The FSU recently raised issues relating to the Coronavirus with the Attorney-General and Federal Minister for Industrial Relations. We outlined our view that where employees are required to be absent from work by their employer or a public authority that they should not be disadvantaged in any way. Employees should not be required to utilise their leave entitlements in order to comply with any precautionary measures. While we understand that some employers are treating this absence as special leave, we believe that consistent approach should be adopted across the sector.

In no instance should you be attending work when you are sick or be put under pressure to do so.

Contact the FSU’s Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or if you have any questions or concerns.


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