Creating Solutions to Work Intensification at NAB

This week in Enterprise Bargaining we focused on work intensification and work-life balance.

NAB stuck to diversity and simplification of the agreement, and had little to say about the issues you say matter most.

Excessive hours and ongoing restructures

Your responses to last week’s update about workloads reinforced what FSU members have said all along. Work at NAB is intensifying. We’re working excessive hours to meet workload pressures — and this has become the norm in an environment of job cuts, ongoing restructures and uncertainty. Feedback from B&P colleagues was amongst the worst in relation to work intensification and excessive hours.

With Award changes coming in March in relation to annualised salaries, we’ve asked NAB to tell us what they think ‘reasonable additional hours’ means for Group 3 and 4 roles. This will reveal what you’re really being paid for the hours you need to work to keep up.

Next meeting – change, digital disruption and the future of work

Thousands of jobs are still to be cut to achieve the 6000 cuts announced in late 2017; we’ve put the future of work on the agenda for our next meeting. We asked NAB how they plan to respect and support you through a time of ongoing digital disruption and change.

If you’ve been impacted by restructuring and digital disruption, we want to hear from you!

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