Credit Union Australia

Double whammy
for staff at CUA

No salary increase and no job security!

Just a week ago CUA advised their staff they would not be negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement this year, which would have provided for a pay increase in July and now just days later have announced they are cutting staff as well.

Two branches will close, one in regional Queensland and one in the Wollongong area of NSW. They will also relocate some of the work from a Sydney hub to Brisbane. This puts 25 staff out of a job, with extremely limited capacity for them to be redeployed.

CUA say this is business as usual and not a result of COVID-19 but how can that be? To deny staff an annual increase to their salaries, effectively sending them backwards, is due to COVID-19 but then say relocating two departments and closing two branches is just business as usual doesn’t make sense and leaves their staff feeling extremely vulnerable and not knowing what to believe?

Indecision but not when it comes to their own pay packets?

This is a disaster for both CUA staff and CUA members who will receive reduced services, more inconvenience and less choice. Whilst these harsh decisions are being made in the middle of a pandemic, CUA Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team have offered up nothing out of their own remuneration package to assist, only to say they wouldn’t give themselves an increase this year, in line with their staff.

It’s simply not good enough to try to say that staff, many part-time and low paid workers can survive with no increase is the same as extremely expensive Executive and Board members who receive hundreds of thousands of dollars each per year. It is an insult to the hard work staff have done over the last four months under extreme circumstances to ensure their members have been looked after as best as possible to now be faced with lack of job security and lack of increase in pay for the future.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary