Defend Bankwest culture – it's made by us

Hundreds of Bankwest colleagues have signed our pledge to defend Bankwest’s unique conditions and culture.

When signing the pledge, we were asked why it’s important to maintain Bankwest’s conditions and culture.

Many colleagues referenced Bankwest’s internal #madebyus mission, in recognition of our internal culture.

Here’s what we said:

  • Bankwest culture is what makes us different. It creates an enjoyable work place and we want to be a part of this organisation.
  • Bankwest has an amazing culture and the people live and breathe it.
  • Because we have great conditions and want it to stay that way
  • It is the Bankwest staff that have made the Bankwest brand successful and so positively unique. Our conditions are an important part of retaining who we are to our customers.
  • We are not CBA and I’m proud to work for Bankwest.  We are a small WA bank with great culture and work environment.

Do you agree with your colleagues?

Show your support for Bankwest’s unique conditions and culture here:

If you’ve already signed, ask a colleague to sign today.

We will press forward our negotiations with the Bank over the next few weeks – keep an eye out for further updates and meeting times.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary