Defend Bankwest's unique culture and conditions

Negotiations are gaining momentum for a new Bankwest Enterprise Agreement and it’s become clear that Management want to align Bankwest and CBA more closely together than ever before.

Management have proposed changes to important BWA EA conditions including:

  • Allowing the Bank to redeploy BWA employees into CBA “directly comparable” roles in periods of change or restructure;
  • Changes to the way redundancy payments are calculated and capped;
  • Providing line Managers unilateral discretion to direct when RDOs are taken.

On Wednesday night, members expressed that they are proud to work for Bankwest – for its conditions, for its focus on customers and communities, for its culture – and do not want to become CBA lite.

While there are still significant other conditions to be discussed including annual salary increases, the changes to date present an erosion of the differences between BWA and CBA that have been hard gained by members in previous negotiations.

Support maintaining Bankwest’s unique conditions

If you believe that it is important to maintain Bankwest’s unique conditions and culture, pledge your support here:

Your support will be fundamental to ensuring that Management understand how important these issues are to Bankwest colleagues. Be sure to speak to your colleagues, ask them to join your union and add their support too.

More information about our negotiations

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary