Don't let CBA cut your RDO!

While not everyone at CBA currently gets RDOs, almost everyone at CBA benefits from this entitlement.

If you don’t get RDOs at the moment, they’re still something you’re entitled to.

If they’re removed, it’ll affect your salary calculations. In CBA’s favour. You may not get the RDO, but theoretically it’s been monetised into your contract.

Under the bank’s proposal, those who do work an RDO roster would be allowed to keep this arrangement, but no new people would get it.

This would have the effect of creating a two-tiered system where some people have access to RDOs, while new starters don’t. This is not acceptable. RDOs are a great entitlement that should remain, even if you don’t currently get the day off!

CBA has spent a decade trying to avoid this entitlement and others in the EA by way of their IA contracts, and now they want RDOs out altogether.

No CBA employee should agree with this. In order to prevent future underpayments, CBA should stop underpaying people and deal with their IA mess, not move the goal posts by removing your RDOs.

In order to put forward a claim like this, CBA have to give us their reasons. What did they tell us about RDOS? That some people don’t want them so they should be removed.

That’s it. Some people don’t want RDOs, and therefore they should be out of the agreement.

We don’t think this is the right approach, we know you love your RDOs, but we need to show CBA that.

Head to this page and submit your feedback on this proposal. Your details will be kept confidential but your feedback used in discussions.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary