EA 2020 Bargaining
Update #1

Dear member,

I’m Allison Cruze, I work in GLS in Sydney and am very proud to be part of the team from the FSU who are representing you at the table while we renegotiate our Enterprise Agreement with CBA.

Negotiations kicked off three weeks ago, and while there’s a lot to get through, talks are progressing steadily. Team FSU are anxious to press ahead and hear CBA’s proposals on the big, important issues that we know are your priority!

So far we’ve looked at CBA’s proposals around modernisation and harmonisation of allowances, definitions of work types, and some historical provisions. With members’ input we were able to develop a counter claim for how we say part time work should be defined into the future – a big thanks to those who came to that meeting.

It’s the FSU’s view that some elements of the bank’s proposal may not be in the best interests of members and where that’s the case, we believe it’s important that we seek your views in order to best negotiate an agreement that is better for everyone.

Currently, we’d like to invite FSU members to come together online and discuss the following topics:

5 June 2020 7PM EST: District Allowance
If you currently work in an area that is eligible for the “District Allowance” please come to this session to discuss CBA’s proposals relevant to you. A list of locations is available hereRSVP here to our online session to discuss.

9 June 2020 7PM EST: Issues Affecting Part Time Workers
We know that there are many issues specific to part time work. We’ve held one meeting on this topic already and would like to expand the discussion to all FSU members. RSVP here to our online session to discuss.

10 June 2020 7PM EST: Working From Home, Now And Into The Future
COVID-19 has completely shifted the paradigm on what’s possible while working at home. Some people have loved the flexibility and hope to keep some of it in the future, while others have found it isolating and stressful. Striking the right balance on this topic will be key. RSVP here to our online session to discuss.

11 June 2020 7PM EST: Part Time Long Service Leave
The issues with calculation for Part Time Long Service Leave are long standing and deserve their own session. RSVP here to our online session to discuss.

12 June 2020 7PM EST: Split Shifts
One of CBA’s proposals is to add clauses to enable split shifts, or “non consecutive hours” by agreement. Currently, arrangements like this can only be made where someone works from home. We want to hear from you about this proposal. RSVP here to our online session to discuss.

15 June 2020 7PM EST: Individual Flexibility Arrangements
CBA’s long standing practice of using Individual Flexibility Arrangements – designed to be used on an individual basis to achieve flexibility as de facto employment contracts has created many issues at CBA. Stopping that practice is not enough to repair the damage done. We know that members are very keen to gain a deeper understanding of this issue, and have their say. RSVP here to our online session to discuss.

With members’ input on the issues above, The FSU can be assured that the positions we put to CBA are comprehensive, fair, and in our members’ interests.

I look forward to holding more and more sessions as negotiations progress and securing a better, simpler EBA.

In Unity,

Allison Cruze

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary