EA Update – HBF's stony response

Report back on Enterprise Agreement negotiations at HBF: management dismiss our claims

We have met with management a couple of times now and we have received their claim. There are a number of major things that we need to get your opinion on, including pay increases, pay transparency and the hours of your work.

In addition to this, HBF have responded to your claim and other than some minor improvements on domestic violence leave and superannuation, management have not agreed to any of your claims and have dismissed many of your issues.

FSU members feedback meeting

This is a democratic process and we want to hear your feedback so that we can represent those in the negotiations.

We will hold a meeting next week open to all staff at HBF.

Register now: 
26 August 2021, 5:30pm AWST

Come along to get a full recap on the negotiations and let your voice be heard.

In unity,
FSU Bargaining Team
Gillian Allpress
Alex Cousner
Hannah Poureisa

Authorised by Dianne Marshall, Local Executive Secretary WA Branch