EA Update – The real cost of a 36.25 hour week

We’ve just wrapped up another negotiation with ART for our new Enterprise Agreement.  Keep an eye out next week for a full update!

We’re writing now to correct a post that ART published today on the intranet.

In that post, ART management claimed that they are proposing to move to a 36.25 hour working week for everyone covered by the Enterprise Agreement.

Sounds great, right?

What ART has left out, and what they clearly told us in negotiations, was that the 36.25 hour working week is part of their overall remuneration package.

Remember that package?  The one with the below CPI pay offer that was so complicated no one could understand it?  That’s the one.

So you’ll only get their 36.25 hour working week if you ALSO accept their below CPI, unfair, complicated pay proposal.

Doesn’t sound so great now.

While we would rather not be giving you this news on a Friday afternoon, transparency and honesty is important to us.

If you have any questions about discussions for our new EA, reply to this email, or come along to our Ask Us Anything Wednesdays Session, every Wednesday at 12.30pm – register here.

Your FSU Reps at ART

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary