Endorse our log of claims for hostplus

Last week we met with Natalie Strickland, Amanda Jakovac and Lewis Tassone to commence negotiations for our new enterprise agreement.

Our next step together is to endorse our Log of Claims so that we can table it at our next bargaining meeting.

From our survey we know that our priorities are better pay, greater flexibility to work where we choose and fair workloads. We are also calling for better parental leave, improved job security and increased super contributions.

Please CLICK HERE TO ENDORSE our log of claims.

10 steps to better conditions at Hostplus:

  1. Pay: 7% pay increase first year (predicted CPI) backdated to 1 July 2022.
  2. Flexible work: A strong flexible work clause – including working from home arrangements and the right to disconnect. Introduction of a Rostered Day Off arrangement for employees.
  3. Workloads: A 30 hour working week for all staff. Adequate and appropriate staffing levels to address workloads.
  4. Superannuation: 17% super.
  5. Job Security: Commitment to secure employment including no forced retrenchments for the life of the Agreement.
  6. Overtime: Overtime payments available for all staff working in excess of their contracted hours of work.
  7. Parental Leave: 26 weeks paid leave available to all parents regardless of their role or gender in addition to 2 years of unpaid leave if requested.
  8. Redundancy: 4 weeks’ retrenchment payment per year of service and 5 weeks in the event of a merger. Right to opt to be retrenched rather than be transferred to a new employer.
  9. Leave and conditions: Unlimited family and domestic violence leave, menstruation and menopause leave, gender affirmation leave, grandparental leave, religious and cultural observance leave, income protection insurance and life insurance for all staff.
  10. A fair classification structure: A classification structure that includes everyone working at Hostplus with consistent job grades, pay rates and classification levels.

Please CLICK HERE TO ENDORSE our log of claims.

You will find an extended version of the log of claims on our website.

Together we will create a fairer and stronger workplace at Hostplus.

We know that workplaces that have a strong union presence win better outcomes. With enterprise bargaining about to commence, the time to join your union is now.

Your FSU bargaining team

Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to  your  FSU organiser Laf Zuccarello at lafcadio.zuccarello@fsunion.org.au

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary