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Our NAB EA claim –
Working from Home

This week NAB announced the reopening of their corporate offices and recommencement of hybrid working from Monday 28th February.

Members have begun to raise serious concerns around such a sudden return to the office. The FSU has made it clear to NAB that employee choice and control around their return to the office is critical at this time.

NAB has indicated that personal circumstances will be considered before directing employees to return to the office.

If you feel like your circumstances are not being considered by your line manager or you have feedback on the return to office, reply to this email and one of our team will be in touch.

Protections around working from home: our new Enterprise Agreement

Soon our union will begin negotiating with NAB for a new Enterprise Agreement. This is a crucial opportunity to enhance our rights when it comes to working from home.

Members who completed the recent FSU bargaining claim survey made it clear:


We will begin negotiations by tabling the FSU members’ Log of Claims – a list of what FSU members at NAB need to see for this to be a industry-leading agreement.

The more endorsements these Claims receive, the stronger our voice in bargaining for ALL employees.


Read and endorse our bargaining claims


FSU members’ Log of Claims: our work, made fairer

Our Log of Claims was compiled from member feedback in the survey. Once it’s endorsed by a majority vote of FSU members, the bargaining for our new and improved EA can commence.

Our claims include:

  • Choice and control over the timing and days you work from home
  • Employees must have a right to disconnect from work
  • Working from home should not lead to cost-shifting from employers to employees

Right now it’s important that we demonstrate broad support for our claims. This will show NAB we stand together as workers to secure a fair agreement.

View the remainder of our Union’s claim to address issues such as pay, super and work, health and safety, here.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary