Enterprise Bargaining about to begin at Energy Super

Yesterday ESI Financial Services Pty Ltd gave notice to employees, up to and including Team Leaders, that bargaining for your first enterprise agreement is to commence.

This is good news for FSU members who are determined to see more certainty and security in the conditions of employment for all staff.

Next Steps

The “Notice of employee representational rights” you received is a formal legal requirement that employers must comply with prior to commencing negotiations. You don’t have to respond to this Notice as your union, the FSU, will be representing all its members and employees.

You will have seen that according to that notice, only staff up to and including Team Leaders are to be covered by this agreement. This is not the position of the FSU and its members, and is a matter that is rightly part of the negotiations. To those FSU members – and their colleagues who are yet to be members – who have indicated that they wish to be covered by an enterprise agreement, we will be negotiating to broaden the scope so that you too have certainty and security of your conditions of employment.

Tell us what you think are the priority matters for negotiation

Last year we conducted a survey to find out what the key matters were for staff. This will be used to create our draft Log of Claims (a document that contains the key matters that staff wish to see discussed during negotiations). Members will have the opportunity to endorse this document prior to the first bargaining meeting.

If you have any further matters, wish to provide further detail around an issue previously raised, make a comment or want further information, please ensure that this is done by Tuesday 21 January 2020 by emailing gaye.vale@fsunion.org.au

The FSU will be establishing a Worker Council comprising of members from across the business. If you’d like to be a part of the FSU Worker Council, please send your details to qld@fsunion.org.a

Most importantly, share this update with your work colleagues and encourage them to join with you to achieve an enterprise agreement that provides certainty and security and in so doing rewards and respects you for the work you do.

In Unity,
Wendy Streets


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Authorised by Wendy Streets, Local Executive Secretary QLD