Energy Super EA

Members say NO to a substandard agreement

It will soon be time to vote on a proposed agreement at Energy Super

At Tuesday’s EB update meeting, members made it clear that a NO vote is a must if an enterprise agreement that ignores their claims for industry standard entitlements and conditions is put to ballot.

After months at the table and some considerable ground given to ensure that long service leave and redundancy provisions were decent and fair across the business and consistent with industry standards, it will soon be time to vote on a proposed agreement.

It is even more important following the announcement of the MOU with LGIA Super that your long service leave and redundancy entitlements are of industry standard and in an enterprise agreement.

With the next meeting planned for Monday 12 October, now is the time to make our voices heard. Energy Super needs to know that we deserve fair and decent conditions and entitlements; that can only happen if they step away from their substandard offers and instead provide all employees with the industry standard.

How can you be heard?

Firstly, talk to your colleagues who are not yet part of our union. Tell them why it is important that you have decent and fair LSL and redundancy provisions. Let them know they can be part of achieving fair and decent conditions by standing with their colleagues and rejecting substandard offers from Energy Super. Ask them to join the FSU and collectively stand up for what you deserve as employees of an industry super fund.

Secondly, add your name to the petition calling on Energy Super to come to the party on industry standard LSL and redundancy provisions. And then ask your colleagues to sign also.

Finally, stay informed and up-to-date by being active in the WhatsApp group. Share your ideas, ask questions and stick together. This is your fight and collectively you will make a difference to what comes out of the enterprise bargaining process.

Forward this on to your other colleagues so they can sign the petition, and join the FSU to stand together for a fair Enterprise Agreement at Energy Super.