Enterprise Agreement 2023 – It’s time to have your say

2023 is set to be a big year for all workers at CBA with the Bank confirming that they will meet with us at the end of January to discuss the commencement of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement.

Your CBA Enterprise Agreement is an important document that contains terms and conditions of employment for CBA employees such as wage increases, hours of work, leave entitlements, redundancy entitlements, flexible work, and penalty rates (to name a few).

It is critical that we understand the views of all workers as we enter negotiations – what is important to you, what changes are needed at CBA, and what improvements do you want to see. We are calling on all CBA workers to complete the FSU EA 2023 survey below.

Your cba ea 2023 survey 

The feedback provided will be collated and used to develop a log of claims – this is a summary of what FSU members will be seeking and fighting for during the negotiations.

We’re Stronger Together

We understand that you are not currently a member of the FSU and ask that you stand together with thousands of others in the finance industry and join your union.

Having a stronger collective voice will put us in the best possible position to win real improvements to pay and conditions at CBA. Our campaign is only as strong as our members.

In addition to having stronger collective power, FSU members receive:

  • Campaign and industry updates from your FSU Team
  • Back up, support and advice for work related matters and representation from our highly experienced Members Rights Team
  • Journey Insurance should you experience an accident on the way to and from your home to work

Discounts on everyday expenses as well as on holidays, gifts and travel through Member Advantage

Your FSU membership is also 100% tax deductible.

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