Enterprise Bargaining 2022 - Have Your Say!

It’s time to start the conversation about our new Enterprise Agreement!

Since we last negotiated at TWUSUPER, the world has changed!  We’ve had a global pandemic where many of us had to work from home.  Inflation is now above 6%, meaning everyday essentials like groceries, petrol and medical care are costing us more.

Now is the time for us to work together to win fair, modern pay and conditions.

Click here to have your say on what YOU care most about at work.

This is our opportunity to have our say on what is most important.  Is it a fair pay increase?  Having the flexibility to manage your work and life?  Or are you more concerned about your leave and redundancy entitlements?

Enterprise bargaining is our chance to make real change.

Click here now to make your voice heard on what kind of employer you want TWUSUPER to be. Please complete this by Wednesday 14th September.

If you have already completed, please share this survey with our colleagues at TWUSUPER so we can hear everyone’s voice.

Your TWUSUPER reps, Emily Payne and Jason Shell
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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary