CBA: enterprise bargaining to commence!

The first enterprise bargaining agreement to be negotiated for five years between the CBA and the FSU will commence with a meeting on 14 May. You will have received an email from the CBA issuing the formal Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR).

The FSU will be discussing the EBA with members over the coming weeks.

RSVP to a massive CBA-wide zoom meeting on the EBA, May 11 at 7pm EST.  Click:

What is NERR?

The NERR is the most common manner in which the bargaining process for a new enterprise agreement commences. The notice is required to be issued by the employer to all employees who will be covered by the new agreement to alert them to their right to be represented in those negotiations.

Do I need to do anything?

No, if you’re a union member, the FSU is your default bargaining representative. The Notice is a formality that signals the start of bargaining!

Am I covered by the EBA?

Yes, everyone who works at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Colonial Services Pty Limited, Commonwealth Insurance Limited, or Commonwealth Securities Limited is covered by the conditions of the Enterprise Agreement unless they’re employed under an ITEA or AWA type of contract. If you’re employed on another type of contract (typically called an individual agreement, or IA) the EA conditions still apply to you, but the effects of some of the clauses are slightly altered by the agreement.

Renegotiating the EBA means that we have the opportunity to renegotiate our pay, working arrangements and rights at work with CBA. All around Australia, and across the finance sector, employers are citing the uncertainty created by COVID-19 as a reason to walk away from bargaining with employees. We think it’s more important than ever that employees are able to negotiate with their employers, and we’re encouraged that CBA have gone ahead with plans to negotiate.

Mass online member meetings about these negotiations!

Hundreds of you attended meetings in February to talk about your priorities for a new EA and hear from the union about our plans. We’re still committed to pursuing the priorities outlined in Feb, but we know that the world has changed in the last two months. We’re holding a mass briefing for CBA members so that we can fill you in on what we think has changed, how we intend to conduct negotiations, and how you can be more involved in the process. We want to hear from you about how your experience of work has changed since February.

The meeting will be conducted online on Mon 11 May at 7pm EST. Registrations are essential.

To RSVP, click:

We’ll be in touch much more about this in the coming days. Aside from registering for the meeting, here are the things you can do to be EA ready:

  • Ask your colleagues to join the union.
  • Sign up to our EA specific page here, to ensure you’re on our list of people who want to be more involved.
  • Invite colleagues to our meeting.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary