Enterprise Bargaining Update

Pay Discussions are Underway

Dear Colleagues,

Negotiations continue with NAB, to achieve a fair Enterprise Agreement for all employees. As your Union bargaining representatives, we met again with NAB yesterday.

We spent much of yesterday talking about the importance of rebuilding trust, confidence and culture – and fair pay for the work we do is central to this.

We relayed your feedback about workload intensification caused by job cuts: work is being pushed down to lower levels, so our jobs are getting more complex, but our pay doesn’t increase accordingly. We also talked about the excessive hours we’re working, and why overtime is often not being paid when we have to stay back or come in early to make sure the job gets done for our customers and colleagues.

The discussions were robust and we disagreed on many points. We’ve again asked NAB to provide data to support their claim that the pay model is working. We want to know how we’re paid within our role ranges, and how many of us are getting a genuine pay rise – as compared to an apparent pay rise because we’ve taken on a higher or more complex role with increased responsibility.

We’re meeting again on 24 February to continue discussions about pay.

If you want to see action on pay, you must act NOW!

Faithfully Yours,

Your Union Bargaining Team
Rupi, Myrna, Helen, Paul

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary