FSU First Nations Finance Workers Committee

Our union stands in solidarity with First Nations peoples and invites all members to join us in this movement for change. 

Welcome to the FSU First Nations Finance Workers Committee, a dedicated and passionate group of members committed to supporting First Nations workers and amplifying their voices. We are proud to introduce our committee members April Cook, Caine Hanshaw, Rina Abbott-Jard, James Channon, Tegan Walsh-Jones, Lisa Hunter, Adam Fletcher, and Pamela Anderson, who have taken on the responsibility of guiding our activities and ensuring the representation of First Nations perspectives within our union.

As strong advocates for change, our committee was at the forefront of FSU’s support for the Voice to Parliament YES Campaign. Through their leadership, we aim to empower and uplift First Nations communities, promote awareness, and foster positive change.

We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart 

At the 2023 FSU National Congress, our First Nations Finance Workers Committee and Delegates were proud to endorse a resolution in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Read our resolution 

FSU National Secretary Julia Angrisano on the 2023 Voice to Parliament referendum

“Social change is often a journey with many steps, some forward and some back. Every effort made during the referendum, every conversation we had, and the passion we shared has planted seeds that will continue to grow in various ways. We remain committed to championing the rights, recognition, and voices of First Nations Australians.

The FSU First Nations Finance Workers Committee will continue to explore avenues and initiatives that further these objectives, and fight to ensure that our First Nations members are not left behind and have a platform for meaningful participation in our union”.