From Myanmar to Climate Change - FSU Human Rights Network Events

Banks and superannuation funds have a huge responsibility to support clean energy and move away from fossil fuels so we can have a safer future. On 12th August we will hear from Kelly Albion from and Nicole McPherson from Finance Sector Union of Australia speak about the power of people to keep creating the change we need.


Last Thursday we had a fantastic presentation from Sandy, Kate Lee and Tasneem Roc on the current situation in Myanmar – we heard about the violence against workers and unionists and the incredible resistance of Myanmar people.

On Tuesday this week we wrote to Foreign Minister Penny Wong calling for Australia to join the UK, US and Canada and implement immediate sanctions against the Myanmar Junta and their businesses. We’ll let you know how the Minister responds.

The FSU Human Rights Network stands with the Myanmar Campaign Network who are calling for the Australia Government to issue targeted sanctions within 100 days of the election – by 28th August.

To show your support for this important campaign, click here: Myanmar Campaign Network Social Media Pledge

(above) FSU members, staff and friends make the Myanmar solidarity hand raise in the FSU HRN Myanmar event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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