FSU ANZ Members Collective Action Equals Safer Work Environment

FSU Members working in ANZ recently got together to discuss their concerns with the design of digital branches, and the potential impact to their health and safety.  After discussing their concerns FSU members decided the best course of action was to work together to highlight their concerns and push for changes to be made.

Of particular concern was the potential risk Banking Consultants were being exposed to by working in an open plan environment.  FSU Members decided to all provide feedback to the bank setting out the potential risks to their health and safety.

As a result of the feedback provided by FSU Members the bank have taken on board their concerns and made changes to the design layout for future digital branches. The changes include tellers being in a secure enclosed area.

If you or your work colleagues are concerned about safety risks in your digital branch contact your union for advice and support on how you can work together to make positive.

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Authorised by Joanne Nava, Acting Local Executive Secretary