FSU Bargaining Update at ART

We have been working hard to negotiate great conditions for our new Enterprise Agreement at ART.

Flexible Work

We’re really excited to be finalising an industry-leading clause on flexible work at ART.

When we talk about flexible work, we mean our start and finish times, our days of work, and our location of work (including from home!).  However, this flexible work clause goes way beyond just work from home.  It will empower us to work with our teams to design flexible work that works for us and the Fund.

We know this is a high priority issue for people across the Fund, so we’re happy to tell you that there will be no mandated return to the office.  Instead, teams will be able to determine when and where they need to work to deliver the best outcomes for members.

This means that flexibility will look different from team to team, and person to person.  It also means that every single person at ART will have access to flexible work.

Hours of Work

This week we started discussing hours of work, span of hours, workloads and staffing.

This means we’re talking about issues like how many hours we work each week, and the times of day we can work our ordinary hours.

We’re also tackling some big issues like workloads and whether they can be achieved in our ordinary working hours.  This means we’re also discussing whether we have the right number of people in the right roles to get our work done.

We’d love to hear from you!  Can you get your work done in your working hours?  Is staffing at the right level?

Share your experience at: bargaining@fsunion.org.au

Agreement Structure

We have developed the framework for our agreement which will populate as the negotiations progress.  This is an important efficiency measure to build the agreement as we go.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. Join the FSU – We secure the best enterprise agreement through standing together.  The FSU is the union for everyone at ART, and together we are building a leading Enterprise Agreement at ART.  There is strength in numbers, so join us!
  2. Join our ART EB22 WhatsApp Group – If you haven’t already – you can join our WhatsApp to post questions to our group and get live updates during key bargaining moments.
  3. Reply to this email, or email bargaining@fsunion.org.au with your feedback and suggestions on our Enterprise Agreement!   


Your voice matters in these negotiations – the FSU is at the table representing you and we want to know how these proposals will impact you and your team.

Make sure you forward this email to your colleagues across the Fund!  And if you’ve received this email from a colleague, click here to to receive future updates.

In unity,

Your FSU Bargaining Team