The FSU Supports the ‘Yes’ campaign for a First Nations Voice to Parliament

Our union stands in solidarity with First Nations peoples and invites all members to join us in this movement for change. 

After over 65,000 years of continuous culture, it’s time Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are recognised in our 122-year-old Constitution.

The FSU is in full support of the call for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

FSU First Nations Finance Workers Committee


Welcome to the FSU First Nations Finance Workers Committee, a dedicated and passionate group of members committed to supporting First Nations workers and amplifying their voices. We are proud to introduce our committee members April Cook, Caine Hanshaw, Rina Abbott-Jard, James Channon, Tegan Walsh-Jones, Lisa Hunter, Adam Fletcher, and Pamela Anderson, who have taken on the responsibility of guiding our activities and ensuring the representation of First Nations perspectives within our union.

As strong advocates for change, our committee will be at the forefront of FSU’s support for the Voice to Parliament YES Campaign. Through their leadership, we aim to empower and uplift First Nations communities, promote awareness, and foster positive change.


We support the Uluru Statement from the Heart 


At the 2023 FSU National Congress, our First Nations Finance Workers Committee and Delegates were proud to endorse a resolution in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Read our resolution 

Why does the Finance Sector Union support the Indigenous Voice to Parliament?

The FSU believes in the importance of a formal Indigenous Voice to Parliament. Enshrining a Voice to the constitution will allow Indigenous Australians to provide advice on policies that impact their lives and create a more equitable society. All Australians, including Indigenous Australians, deserve to have their voices heard on issues that affect their lives.

What does the Voice to Parliament have to do with Unions?

Supporting the Voice to Parliament is a natural expression of our Union values. Like our actions in workplaces, the Voice will provide a platform for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to have their voices heard.

As unionists, we believe in the importance of consultation and collective strength, and the Voice to Parliament aligns with these values. It will help facilitate a future where Indigenous communities have the power to determine their own policy solutions, leading to a more equitable and just society.

What can Finance Workers do to support the Voice?

If you work in the finance industry, and you want to help make a difference there are several things you could do now to support the Voice to Parliament. Firstly, you can learn more about the Voice (links below) so that you are informed during conversations in the workplace, and can help stop the spread of misinformation. You can then help spread the message by sharing information with your colleagues, friends, and family. Additionally, in the months leading up to the referendum, there will be opportunities to volunteer your time by signing up through the form below. By volunteering, you can help build support and ensure that Indigenous Australians have a say in the decisions that affect them.