FSU Industry Reports

In late 2021 the FSU asked CBA workers about their experience of pay secrecy, what it means, if it’s enforced and the impact of pay secrecy on their working environment. This report sets out the results.

This report presents a compelling case for an increase in real wages. 
In this report, finance workers share the real-world impact of declining real wages.

This policy framework seeks to detail the impact of menstruation and menopause on both individual workers and employers and set out the case for the introduction of a menstrual and menopause policy framework. 

This report has been prepared to assist the Finance Sector Union (FSU) prepare a Federal Court action using the findings from a Union survey of a strong sample of NAB members’ experience of unreasonable work hours and related underpayments.

Workers are calling for more choice about where they work. Where operationally possible, workers in the finance sector should have the choice to work entirely remotely.