Top 3 tips tips to overcoming your fears and asserting your rights at work

1. Knowledge is power – arm yourself!

If you aren’t sure where you stand on an issue, check your contract or Enterprise Agreement. It’s so important that you know what you can and can’t be expected to do at work. If you need help to determine exactly what your rights are, call the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378. FSU industrial advocates are here to help every union member fully understand what their rights are.

2. We are not alone!

If you are feeling the pinch at work, there’s a verrrry high chance you are not alone. Reach out to your colleagues, ask them how they are going, show genuine interest in how they are feeling and let them know you are there for them. This builds trust and that has the benefit of working both ways. When you feel more connected to your colleagues, you feel safer in general…we are all just cave people under the suits!

3. Question everything!

You don’t have to be a squeaky wheel, you just have to be sensible! What your manager tells you might be right, or it might not but as you know from tip 1, you have the resources to be sure. Would you buy an appliance, or a car, or a house without doing your homework? You spend a third of your life at work, so you’d want to do your homework on that too!