FSU Member News: June

FSU survey on safe workplaces

The FSU’s COVID+Aware campaign has launched, starting with an important survey on our safety while working from home and returning to work.

After successfully suppressing the spread of coronavirus, talk has now turned to easing restrictions across the country. Plans are being made for finance industry workers to return to workplaces and offices across the country.

Share your thoughts on work during COVID-19, and returning to work, by clicking this link.

Wins for union members

You are one of two million Australians who have joined their union because they want to make sure their workplace and their country is a fair and decent place; your efforts are a part of what makes Australia a great country.

This year has seen many significant achievements by union members working together. Here’s just a few.

Ensuring Integrity Bill cancelled

The Morrison Government has withdrawn the anti-democratic Ensuring Integrity Bill from the Parliament. It would have been tone-deaf for the Government to pursue it further, after frontline workers bravely put themselves in harm’s way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The withdrawal of the legislation is a victory for organised labour and collective action, and shows the power we have when we act together.

FSU pressure gains certainty for planners and advisers

As you are aware the FSU has been working hard to get the FASEA extension bill through the Parliament. Over recent weeks we have lobbied the Treasurer, Minister Hume, Senator Patrick, and Labor’s Shadow Spokesperson on Financial Services, Stephen Jones.

These efforts have been successful, and we are happy to advise that last week the amendment passed the Parliament, giving the planning and advice community the certainty it needs.

Current EA negotiations

This year FSU members have been involved in negotiations with Allianz Partners, bcu, CBA, CBUS, HESTA, Hostplus, IAG, ME Bank, and NAB, to secure improved pay and industry-leading conditions.

Allianz Partners, HESTA, Hostplus and NAB have just finalised recently.

Members successfully fended off an attempt by AustralianSuper to seek a variation to their EA that would have seen changes to their pay clauses and allowed for pay deferrals. This was an important win to stop a precedent in the industry and potentially sparked a domino effect across industry super.

Our members at Media Super are a step closer towards establishing their first enterprise agreement. Negotiations have concluded and members have endorsed the final deal which includes a 3.2% wage increase this year, 5 days paid DV Leave, super on unpaid parental leave of up to 40 weeks, and unions rights including paid training leave.

When we all join together, we achieve great things.

Suncorp underpayments

Suncorp advised the Fair Work Ombudsman they identified some mistakes in the way they’ve paid staff. Many members might be eligible for a repayment.

There is a lot of work ahead to untangle the mess that Suncorp has found itself in – and they have identified that it will cost up to $70M to fix it and reimburse staff.

FSU members win on ANZ direction to take Annual Leave

After six weeks of determined campaigning by you and your fellow FSU members working at ANZ, FSU members reported they are no longer being required to take annual leave where they have not yet accrued in excess of four weeks leave. This is a great outcome. Congratulations to FSU members working at ANZ who came together, stood up and campaigned for a fairer framework including the right to take annual leave as outlined in the enterprise agreement.

Our position is:

  • the agreement is clear, employees are not required to take annual leave without their consent, if they have not accrued four plus weeks of annual leave;
  • there is no requirement to reduce leave accruals by 30 September each year;
  • the FSU will continue to represent members on an individual and collective basis, including taking this issue all the way to the independent umpire, the Fair Work Commission; and
  • employees should be able to choose the timing of applications for annual leave, including well in advance, and the bank will not unreasonably refuse the applications.

Remember there is only one circumstance in which ANZ can lawfully direct you to take your annual leave, that is when you have accrued four plus weeks of annual leave. Check our easy flowchart:

Protection for members at work through COVID-19

In mid-March, the coronavirus (COVID-19) changed the way we work and live. During this challenging time, your union has focused on securing measures to protect the health, safety and employment of you and your colleagues.

Together with thousands of your fellow FSU members we worked to secure commitments from employers across the finance industry. We have been able to secure the following:

  • Access to special paid leave (pandemic leave) for employees, including casuals;
  • Provision of PPE equipment including hand sanitiser, gloves, and plexiglass screens;
  • Social/physical distancing measures;
  • Suspension of targets;
  • Suspension of restructures and permanent branch closures; and
  • Work from home allowances.

We still have work to do. Not all finance industry employers signed up to the measures above, and for those who did these measures are only in policy.

NAB Underpayments – a major victory for members!

The FSU has been putting pressure on the bank for some time around a number of payment issues.

Last week FSU heard from NAB that they are undertaking a comprehensive analysis of staff underpayments going back, in some circumstances, as far as 2009.

FSU have a commitment from NAB that ‘no stone will be left unturned’ in this process, which is expected to take until at least the end of the year.

Give your input to the underpayments audit

FSU has advised NAB that our members can raise any of their concerns around any underpayment issue, so we can add these issues into the mix for this audit. Please send any issues to nabmembers@fsunion.org.au

It is important that as much information as possible is fed into this process. Please check your pay records and your superannuation, and if there is any cause for concern, email us immediately.

Rates notice

Your union membership is the way you join with millions of other Australians who have each other’s backs. This year, FSU membership fees will increase by 2 percent. The new rates are effective from 1 July 2020.

Joining FSU is inexpensive and the fees are tax deductible – which can add up to quite a saving. When combined with the discounts from Member Benefits, and the increase in collective power for all workers, being a member has never looked better!

In Unity,


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary