FSU members agree – it’s a NO to management’s dodgy deal

Last Thursday, we met with you and your union colleagues at HBF to respond to management’s decision to put their rotten deal to a vote without your union’s approval.

Together, we decided to vote no against management’s enterprise agreement when they put it to an all-staff vote in less than two weeks.

Commit to a NO vote on this rotten deal

To bring management back to the negotiating table, every union member at HBF needs to vote no and convince three of your colleagues to vote no, too. 

That’s because we need at least 400 HBF employees to vote no in the all-staff ballot to secure a majority.

We need to start talking to our colleagues now so that when the ballot opens, most HBF staff are ready to vote against a deal that locks in low pay rises, high workloads and poor job security.

Share our flyer on HBF’s rotten deal or forward this email to your colleagues.

Let’s win a better deal at HBF.

In Unity,
Your FSU team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary