FSU members prepare to take NAB to court over unreasonable hours

In early June, hundreds of FSU members at NAB endorsed the Union to progress their unreasonable hours dispute in the Federal Court. For these members currently and formerly in Group 3 and above roles, the goal is to resolve the issue of unreasonable hours that are demanded – but not compensated – by NAB.

Since that meeting Union officials and Senior Counsel have worked with our lead claimants to build our case and gather the required evidence for lodgement. This process has required extensive and meticulous accounts from members. We remain on track; we will lodge with the courts as soon as we are confident we have the strongest case achievable to present.

Our aim here is not just to lodge but to win. FSU members need change – over 85% of recent survey respondents report an impact to their physical and mental health as a result of these extreme hours.

Look out for an FSU member zoom invite in the next few weeks, to discuss the lodgement process and next steps.

How to stay involved

There are multiple ways to be part of the campaign. Click here to see how, and express your interest in knowing more.

NAB could fix this TODAY

NAB Senior Management are aware of this issue and have every resource available to remedy it. They could compensate for the extreme unreasonable hours employees have already worked, and put in safeguards against further exploitation. This would effectively restore genuine work/life balance.

Disappointingly – but not unsurprisingly – NAB have rejected to do just that. In discussion with the Bank, the Union has made clear our intention to lodge with the Courts.

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In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary