FSU Members report a range of issues in the Packaged Employees Workloads Survey

Over August and September FSU surveyed packaged workers across the country on a range of questions around hours of work, workloads, staffing levels and provision of relief.

Dear Member

Congratulations on taking the first step to resolve workload issues at your workplace by completing the survey.

The survey is now closed, and the results are in. The results paint a concerning picture of workplaces where long hours, lack of staff and high stress levels are accepted practice.

Hours of Work

Only 16% of those surveyed worked a 38 hour week. The majority are working well over 40 hours per week, taking work home and working weekends just to keep up. Ask yourself and your colleagues “What constitutes reasonable working hours for Packaged workers?”

55% of those surveyed take work home and 40% regularly work weekends.

Regularly taking work home and working on weekends sure doesn’t sound reasonable to us.

You and your colleagues tell us the cause of the excessive hours of work include ongoing staff shortages due to vacant positions and restructures, lack of relief to cover leave and unrealistic role expectations.

The Cost

Long hours of work resulting in poor work-life balance can have serious consequences. A concerning 66% of respondents report that working excessive hours is causing problems outside of work impacting on their personal lives, family commitments and time with their spouse and children.

Alarmingly 68% of respondents reported their hours of work are causing a range of physical and mental health issues including fatigue, sleep problems and anxiety.

What’s the Solution?

These results shouldn’t be accepted as business as usual and clearly something needs to change. FSU will be facilitating a member working group to discuss the issues, what needs to change and the solutions that members want to see and will be calling on the bank to meet with FSU members to hear firsthand the impact of excessive workloads.

Click HERE to register your interest to be part of the Westpac working group.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary