13,000 Hours Cut: Who Will Do the Work?

FSU Members Take the Fight to the Fair Work Commission

Yesterday we met with NAB again to raise concerns about NAB’s failures around the consultation process in relation to cuts to over 900 customer service roles from the retail bank.

The proposed cuts amount to the loss of over 13,000 CA1 hours from the branch network. Over 90% of the affected staff are women. This is only weeks after the Royal Commission specifically targeted poor banking culture that prioritises sales over service.

NAB Shows Total Disrespect for its Staff

Adam Oosterhoff, the Senior People Partner, painted a glowing picture of the approach NAB is taking to consultation with workers. This is in stark contrast to the experience on the ground.

After the first day of consultation we are hearing stories of a complete shambles:

Timeframes that mean there is no time to make properly informed decisions that are not emotional reactions and get professional advice;
Some Regional Managers bullying staff to make decisions about their future prematurely;
PAC is advising workers enquiring about service periods to make a best guess;
The retrenchment payment calculator broken leaving people guessing;
Rosters that leave staff with no opportunity to take a toilet break; and
Staff on parental leave in non-impacted roles getting calls at home with offers of retrenchment

NAB Breaches Its Own Media Embargo

Many employees first heard they may be out of a job through the media.

Further investigation by FSU found NAB had breached its own media embargo. Quotes attributed to the EGM Retail, Krissie Jones, were given to the ABC before conversations with impacted workers had been completed.

FSU Refers Matter to Fair Work Commission

Despite repeated requests by FSU to NAB to extend the consultation time, so that all relevant information is available for consultation, NAB have been unwilling to reconsider the short timeframes.

At this stage you are not required to respond to NAB’s proposal until 7 March. We hope the Fair Work Commission will see reason and extend that timeframe so there is an opportunity for every one to stop, think, seek advice and make informed decisions.

Share Your Story

It’s important that you share your story about the failures you’ve experienced through this restructure. We will meet the interim CEO on Friday and will be asking to guarantee a fair process. Email your story to nabmembers@fsunion.org.au today. All feedback will be treated confidentially.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary