Welcome to FSU National Conference 2021. The National Conference is an opportunity for our elected FSU leaders from across Australia to discuss the future direction of our union.


The pandemic has left permanent marks on our industry. We were declared essential, and thousands of us shifted to working from home. While we are used to change, the pandemic has fast-tracked branch closures, accelerated the digitisation of work and altered the work we perform.

We knew that this was a moment in time for the sector and our union. I am proud that we acted quickly and proactively. Our union secured vaccination leave for 250,000 workers, we got performance objectives suspended during lockdown periods, we made our workplaces safer, and we convinced Westpac to bring 1000 jobs back onshore. We also improved pay and conditions with an average pay increase of 3% in new agreements across the sector at the same time.

As the world changes, so must our union. Last year the National Executive laid out a plan to secure our union’s future. We know our rules must reflect the workers across the sector and the issues you care about. This year Conference will consider changes to our rules. Ensuring that our rules are contemporary, reflecting our industries while creating opportunities to empower you to be the voice of the union in your workplace.

I am excited to share with you all the amazing lineup of speakers and sessions that are not to be missed. Join with me for two days of inspiration and let’s get building for a stronger FSU.

Julia Angrisano
FSU National Secretary

Stronger Together

Guest Speaker

Secure jobs worth fighting for

Hear from our movement’s leader about the scourge of insecure work and the plan to transform our community – and how finance workers can get involved.

Guest Speaker

Behind the Scenes with Dr Leigh

Dr Leigh regularly grills the CEOs of Australian banks, insurers and super funds. This is a behind-the-scenes look at how we can work together to keep the reality for finance workers in the spotlight.

Guest Speaker

Address by the leader of the Federal opposition

The Leader of the Opposition will outline his party’s response to the issues that concern finance workers.

Guest Speaker

Healthy and safer workplaces in the finance sector

This session will look at health and safety through a finance sector lens. It will examine the hidden epidemic of work related mental health issues facing our members and the opportunity we have to engage with workers to resolves these issues.

Guest Speaker

COVID-19: We Are Essential

COVID-19 elevated the role of essential workers and changed the way we think about frontline workers. The pandemic also amplified the important role of unions. We will hear from Christy Hoffman who will share her international insights and hear from FSU members who relied on the FSU for for support and advice to carry them through this difficult time.

Guest Speaker

It’s Australian. It’s Super. And it’s yours

Australia’s superannuation system was established by the ALP so that workers have dignity in retirement. In this session you’ll hear from Paul Schroder about why there is a strong connection between our two organisations and how it benefits finance workers.

Panel Discussion

Gender Equity: A Moment For Change

This panel is on the same day as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. There will be a look into the shift in our attitudes towards gender equality since the COVID-19 pandemic, and the opportunities to embrace a more equal future.

Panel Discussion

What Do We Want to be Famous For? New Rights, New Frontiers!

What are the new rights that finance workers need? How do we pursue a progressive and modern agenda that reflects the issues facing finance workers? This session we will hear from those who have had an idea and turned it into a campaign for new demands and have created new entitlements for workers.


National secretary report

Hear about our recent achievements and how the changes we endorse at this conference will be vital to our success in the future.