FSU Research and Policy

The FSU’s research and policy team prepares high level research and policy advice to FSU members and the FSU executive.

Our policy and research work includes the preparation of briefing papers and submissions that highlight the challenges and impact of legislation and proposed legislation and policy on workers in the finance industry.

Our work in the industrial and political spheres highlight policy outcomes and proposals which will directly and indirectly impact workers in our industry and more broadly. The research and policy team work to ensure that governments, stakeholders and affiliates are aware of the issues that matter to finance workers as well as the impact that legislative changes might have on finance workers.

FSU’s research & policy team coordinates the development of policy submissions to parliamentary inquiries, liaises with allied trade unions, political parties, and non-government organisations (NGOs). The FSU has the capacity through this work to ensure the voices of finance workers are heard by both external and industry bodies. We also give FSU members the opportunity to contribute to our examination of finance sector industry work trends both locally and internationally.

The FSU produces high level policy advice based on a combination of original research, collaboration with academic and policy institutes and direct input from finance workers. We produce policy positions on a broad range of issues facing the finance sector and provide high level policy advice to the FSU’s executive. The research and policy team undertake and participate in a broad range of project-based work in conjunction with the FSU campaigning, communications, and marketing teams.

2021 Reports and Submissions

Working for Nothing – How NAB robs employees pay, health and family time

This report has been prepared to assist the Finance Sector Union (FSU) prepare a Federal Court action using the findings Read the Report

Ethical conflict and work harm in Australian financial services

Read the Report


How the finance sector’s captivity to capitalist ethics violates workers’ ethical integrity and silences their claims. Read the Report

FSU Submission – Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2020

Read the Submission

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