FSU Salary Workshops Now on

Register to attend today.

Register to attend today

To coincide with the end of the performance year and your salary review, your Finance Sector Union representatives will be conducting salary Workshops for Group 3 & 4 employees.

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By working together, Group 3 & 4 union members were able to significantly improve the salary review process at the last Collective Agreement but NAB still leaves many employees in the dark about their rights in this process. By attending a workshop, you can learn more about how to activate the remuneration process and the criteria that is used to determine pay increases.

To register for a workshop, please click on the workshop that suits you. In return, we’ll send you a calendar invite with the workshop details.



800 Bourke Street
Monday, 27th August 9:30am
Monday, 27th August 11:00am
Friday, 14th September 11:00am
Friday, 14th September 12:30pm
700 Bourke Street
Tuesday, 14th August 12:00pm
Tuesday, 14th August 2:00pm
Wednesday, 22nd August 11:00am
Wednesday, 22nd August 12:30pm
Thursday, 30th August 2:30pm
Thursday, 30th August 4:00pm
500 Bourke Street

Monday, 6th August


Monday, 6th August


Thursday, 16th August


Thursday, 16th August

200 Victoria Parade

Thursday, 6th September

330 Collins Street

Wednesday, 12th September

101 Collins Street

Tuesday, 11th September

8 Exhibition Street

Thursday, 13th September



Business Banking Centres

Please click here if you are located in a Business Banking Centre  and would like to attend a workshop.

Workshops in Business Banking Centres are to be run on an on demand basis.

Do you have a colleague who would benefit from a workshop but hasn’t received this information? Forward it on to them! New members are welcome on the day of workshops.


What’s Happening?
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NAB Salary Workshops (Group 3 & 4) are continuing; learn more about how to activate the remuneration process and the criteria that is used to determine pay increases. Enquire.
Note Printing Australia New EBA has been agreed upon after protracted talks, walkouts and lockouts. Our thanks to fellow unions in the ETU and the AMWU for their significant involvement and support.
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