FSU Submission - Interim Report Royal Commission 2018

The FSU has provided a submission in response to the Royal Commission's Interim Report.

The FSU has provided a submission in response to the Royal Commission’s Interim Report.

This submission puts forward 16 key recommendations to the Royal Commission. If adopted they will make a difference to the working lives of finance workers.

The improvement of the working lives of finance workers will be a key indicator on genuine cultural change in our industry.

To that end in our submission the FSU has outlined:

  • We have an opportunity right now to rebuild an industry where misaligned remuneration, poor culture, and conflicts driven by organisational values of profit outcomes over customer outcomes, predominate;
  • We can no longer have an industry where poor culture is a contagion and where if one institution falters on its values for an increased profit margin, then everyone follows;
  • The submission covers the Union’s agenda for reform in the sector which we will work to have implemented following the Royal Commission.

Thank you to the thousands of FSU members and friends who through focus groups, participating in our culture survey, or providing expert guidance, have assisted in this submission.

You can read our submission below:


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