FSU Takes CBA to Fair Work Commission Over Job Cuts

The FSU has lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission over massive job cuts proposed at the Commonwealth Bank.

The CBA has not denied media reports that there is a secret plan being developed to reduce staff numbers at the CBA by 20 per cent.

CBA workers have a right to be consulted about such major changes at the Bank.

Make your voice heard – sign the petition

FSU members are calling on the CBA to urgently meet with the Union to address:

  • CBA’s plan to cut jobs;
  • Plans to close hundreds of branches;
  • Commitments around retraining and reskilling employees; and
  • Talking with workers as a first step in undergoing any change programs.

Make your voice heard and sign the petition here:

Holding CBA to Account

Today we are looking forward to holding the bank to account at the Fair Work Commission and enforcing the rights of our members. 

We are taking action in the Fair Work Commission to force the CBA to meet its obligations under the CBA Enterprise Agreement, to fully consult staff before taking action resulting in the loss of jobs.

It’s time CBA listens to its workers, and acts responsibly towards its staff and the communities who need these services.


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary