FSU WBC CCC Reps Meet With Management Over ATS

Monday, 8 January 2018

FSU Delegation members Sacha Hammersley (WBC Lomond), Jarrah Wyatte (WBC Lomond), Susan Ellis (WBC Bedford Park), Diane Spiteri (WBC Epping), Christine Otto (STG Epping), Greg Cracknell (BSA Adelaide) and Ernest Shadbolt (STG Kogarah) recently met with CCC Management representatives.

They provided feedback on behalf of FSU members as to why the recent changes made by the bank to ATS and Customer Efficiency were not fair or achievable and were having a negative impact on workplace culture.

Adherence to Schedule

FSU Delegation members shared with CCC Management representatives how, by not being able to put through an exception:

  • bankers were being punished for staying on a call and providing great customer service instead of going to their break on time;
  • the stress and pressure bankers were under to meet ATS and customer efficiency targets;
  • concerns for bankers’ health and wellbeing if they cannot take their full scheduled breaks; and
  • concerns that bankers were expected to attend work up to 30 mins prior to their start time in order to log onto the necessary systems.

After hearing reports from FSU Delegation members, CCC Management representatives confirmed that staff are not expected to come in before their rostered start time in order to log on to relevant systems.
If you are asked or expected to come in early without payment, contact our Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 for support and advice.

CCC Management representatives have rejected our proposal to reinstate the ability for bankers to put in an exception for being late to a break because of being on a call with a customer.
Speak to your FSU Delegation member to share your views on the bank’s position or email us at wbccampaigns@fsunion.org.au

Customer Efficiency

Changes have been made to scorecard objectives for customer efficiency measures after FSU Delegation members and Reps raised concerns about the ability to meet the target.  Whilst this is a step in the right direction, FSU Delegation members want to hear if these changes are now achievable for staff.

Next Steps

Over the coming weeks FSU Delegation members and Workplace Representatives want to hear your views about the bank’s position, and in particular:

  • Have the changes to Customer Efficiency target gone far enough?
  • Are you coming in early to log on to the system?
  • Should log on time to the system be counted in your 36 minutes of ATS Buffer?

Let’s work together to make Westpac Group a better place to work by sharing this with your colleagues, ask them to join your union today and campaign for a fair ATS and Customer Efficiency!

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Authorised By: Rebecca Reilly, NSW/ACT Local Executive Secretary

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary