FSU Win! Pay Secrecy abolished at WBC

This week Westpac joined ANZ, NAB and the RBA by removing the requirement for workers to keep details about their remuneration secret.

This is after years of sustained pressure from FSU members and recent questioning by parliamentary committees.

Pay transparency leads to better workplace culture as it allows workers the opportunity to compare our pay outcomes and hold our employers accountable for inequities. While secrecy contributes to the large gender pay gap in our industry it is a problem for men as well as women.

The abolition of pay secrecy clauses is a welcome first step, but to improve workplace culture we need to ensure there is a disputes mechanism that allows you to raise pay issues when you discover them.

There is just one big bank now that stands alone in refusing to abolish theses clauses. It’s time for CBA to demonstrate they CAN keep up with industry standards.

Sign the petition to let CBA know it’s not good enough:

CBA: pay secrecy is not good enough


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