FSU Zoom: Are you affected by recent changes at CBA?

By now you would have seen the news about further redundancies at CBA with more jobs being sent to CBA India. If you haven’t here is our recent update to members.

This announcement comes at a difficult time for most of us, as we continue to deal with rising cost of living pressures, but it also comes at a time when CEO Matt Comyn boasted about CBA’s first quarter profit of $2.5B.

We are calling on all members affected by these change proposals to come to a meeting to discuss the proposed changes.

  • Why is CBA’s change proposal a bad idea for your work area or department?
  • What impact will this have on customer service?
  • How will this affect the workloads of people that remain within your department or work area?

We want to hear from you. Join us for a Zoom meeting on the Monday 28 November at 12pm and 7pm AEDT.

Thank you to everyone that has already provided feedback either via email or over the phone.

Click here to register for FSU Zoom on Monday 28 Nov, 12pm AEDT

Click here to register for FSU Zoom on Monday 28 Nov, 7pm AEDT

We hope to see you at the meetings.

In Unity,
Your FSU Team

P.S. If you’re not already an FSU member, please join here and support the team that’s working for you.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary